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Hawk Buildings Structure


skids-photoHAWK’s skids are made of the highest grade materials. This treated 4”x 6” material comes with a 40 year warranty against rot and insects. This material was chosen to give the customer peace of mind in knowing that their building would not sag or warp over the years. This solid base insures that doors and windows will function properly for many years to come.

Door & Window Headers

door-and-window-photoHAWK builds your building with the same structural integrity as a site built home. We use double plated headers above every door and window giving your building the structural integrity you desire for a long life.

Siding – Smart Panel / Masonite

masonite-photo1HAWK also offers options to the traditional steel sidings. In the event that you have residential regulations governing the exterior covering of your building, we can provide Smart Panel or Masonite. These offer a more residential look to the building and the siding can be painted any color requested by the customer.

Siding – TR1-11

door-and-window-photoHAWK also offers an exterior siding that will give your building a more RUSTIC look. TR1-11 is an exterior product made like plywood. It is textured to give it a great look, and is treated to add long life to the product.

Siding – Cedar

cedar-phoyo1For our customers looking for more of a rustic look we offer a high quality cedar product to cover your building giving it that log cabin look. This product will look great and offers great longevity.


wall1-photoHAWK builds your building with the same structural integrity as a site built home. Every steel wrapped building is constructed of the highest quality 2×4 stud walls built 24” on center. Every building constructed with a wood or non-steel exterior is built 16” on center. All walls that contain plumbing inside the wall will be constructed out of 2×6 studs giving the spacing allowance mandated by most build code guidelines.

Head and Foot Plates

wall2-photoHAWK builds a wall like a wall is supposed to be built. You will find no “TOENAILS” here. Each wall is independently built to stand on its own. Each wall is built with a complete head plate and foot plate creating a strong structure in itself. When you tie these walls together they are going nowhere.

Triple Studded Corners

At Hawk Portable Buildings, we construct our buildings to meet the same specifications as a site built home. The corners of each building and the corners of each room are triple studded. This provides stability giving your building the ability to withstand excessive winds, weather, and wear while providing the ability to finish out each building with the internal wall covering of your choice.


Ridge Cap

Ridge-Cap2-photoHAWK tops off and finishes it’s roofing system with a steel ridge cap. We use the same materials the building is constructed of, this keeps any and all air and water from entering the building giving you that sealed environment to store your things.

Floor Joist

Each floor is built with a true joist system with each joist being 16” on center. Floors are constructed out of 2×4 joists on our small HAWK Buildings that are 8’ wide and smaller, 2×6 joists on our medium HAWK Building that are larger than 8’ wide up to 14’ wide, and 2×8 joists on our large HAWK Buildings that are 16’ wide or any full finish out buildings. This flooring system is designed to allow our customer to use their buildings for anything. In the event that they need to store something of an extraordinary weight then the floor can be upgraded to 12” on center and we will even double the plywood decking.



HAWK hand builds each and every part of your building even the roof systems. Each rafter and joist is hand constructed in our plant under our supervision. Depending on what your choice is, we have several shapes available to compliment your existing structure and each has it’s own unique pros. Roofs can be finished out in the traditional steel cover, or for those who need to meet home owners association requirements we can also provide a composite roof complete with ¾” decking, tar paper cover and shingles with the color of your choosing.


Siding – Steel

HAWK uses a premium steel to cover our buildings. This steel comes with a 30 year warranty against fading, rust and hail puncture. We use 29 Ga. steel on all walls and on our barn roofs. We use a 26 Ga. steel on any roof that is flat in nature (i.e. Peaks, Gables and Sheds). The steel that we use comes in over 20 colors offering our customer the ability to choose almost any color combination that they can imagine to be able to match their current structures or home. (Look in our Options Tab to see our color chart)



HAWK uses only full ¾” plywood as the decked surface for each and every building insuring maximum stability. We offer multiple floor covering choices including but not limited to carpet and laminate flooring.


AND Much More

HAWK understands that every customer is different. In addition to building a top quality building, we can do many other things to help you have the best building for you. We offer a complete line of electrical, plumbing, insulation and finish out services tailored to you and your budget. Please ask your sales professional about these services and see the examples on the options section of this website.