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As you can see this was a tight fit.

I am writing this testimonial for this customer as requested.

How did that building get into that hole. Magic I tell you MAGIC!!!

You just never know with a HAWK employee what can be done until it is done. Out trained delivery crew is the top notch when it comes to service. He are one of the FEW companies that actually delivers our own buildings.

This customer requested this building be put on this pad between trees and behind statues and more. Jeremy was able with some magic and a Great Trainer “BUDDY” to get it where it needed to go. Jeremy has only been with us just a coupe weeks. SO just ask your sales representative about any special needs when you order YOUR New HAWK Building. Lets come out and just see what we can do for you.


Michael Adkins; Director of Marketing and Business Development



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Women’s Club Fish Fry

fish fry

Hawk Portable Buildings;

We would like to thank you for your advertising dollars spent with us for our 2015 Clyde Woman’s Club Annual Fish Fry. Your support is much appreciated and will greatly assist our club in meeting it’s goals. Again thank you very much.

Jan Smedley

Clyde Woman’s Club

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